Juicing Vegetables and Fruits: a Way to Supplement Your Diet and Detox

Juicing has come with mixed reviews in recent years. Some experts expel nothing but love for the amazing benefits it affords. Yet others argue that striping vegetables and fruits of fiber increase blood glucose spikes that can be traced to increased chance of developing diabetes or other diseases. We think that juicing actually can be a great way to introduce more vegetables and fruits into your diet. Like most things in life, juice should be consumed in moderation and we encourage juicers to uses as many vegetables as possible—and not stick to just sweet fruits.

Nutrient boosts
Juicing can be a healthy and delicious way to get extra nutrients into your diet and cleanse your body, especially if you usually struggle to fit vegetables and fruits into your diet. Using a juicer is incredibly simple and it can provide you with excellent, nutritious, homemade juice in minutes. There are plenty of health benefits to be reaped from a juicing, such as weight loss, clearer skin, and even reducing the effects of ageing!

Juicing vs smoothies
We think both juicing and smoothies can be healthful way to add extra vegetables and fruits to you diet if consumed from fresh whole foods and in the right circumstances. So let’s discuss some of the benefits of juicing.

First of all, juicing is often considered a better option than smoothie-making because more nutrients are retained in juices than in smoothies. This is because blenders introduce a lot of bubbles (and therefore oxygen) into the smoothie during the blending process, which causes oxidation—this results in loss of some nutrients such as enzymes and vitamins.

Secondly, another significant difference between juices and smoothies is that juices have the pulp and fiber removed. Of course, fiber is good for your digestive system and this is one argument for including smoothies, but there are cases where the removal of the fiber can be beneficial. Without all the pulp, your body can absorb some nutrients much more efficiently. This also means you can take in a lot more nutrients at one time.

Juice detox
A juice detox, or juice cleanse, is probably the best and most delicious ways to kick-off your diet ambitions, rather it be for weight loss or just increasing your daily plant-based intake for a healthier life. Embarking on a juicing cleanse may mean consuming nothing but juice for up to, and sometimes longer than, 3 days. This is only possible because so many nutrients are packed into one cup, that you don’t need to consume anything else, so you can give your digestive system a rest and time to repair itself. Juicing can help set you up for the rest of your diet because it gets you out of the habit of snacking on processed food and into the right mentally for controlling your food consumption while replacing these with healthier options, as well as rehydrating your body and ensuring the sufficient consumption of liquids.

Not only does the cleanse rest your stomach and gut, but it gives your liver a break, which is usually working so hard on a daily basis to remove toxins from our systems. This has a bigger effect when you use ingredients such as beetroot which contain antioxidants and have detoxifying properties that are good for the liver and can fight cancer, too. Juicing can allow the intake of the nutrients our bodies need without putting pressure on our digestive organs, allowing for a short period of reset.

Getting the right juices13902429153_fe4de3d868_o
It is important to note that most of these benefits will not be realized if you don’t ensure your juices are full of the right vegetables and fruits, preferably organic produce to reduce risks of chemical contamination. The point of detoxing through juicing is to remove toxins from your system. Supplementing your vegetable and fruit intake through juicing can also lose many benefits if the juice is tainted. You should also be mindful, as mentioned before, to use a high vegetable to fruit ratio, as too much fructose (the sugar in fruit) can overload the liver and have other negative effects. Using the right ingredients, such as ginger, wheatgrass, spinach, broccoli, kale, other leafy greens, carrots, beets and other roots, can result in boosted energy and boosted immune system.

Juicing gives you the opportunity to be creative with your meals, but without too much pressure of meal choice. There are thousands of recipes you can follow, or you can just try mixing it up in whichever way you like! Rather you are detoxing on a short juice diet or you are adding a nutritious “mocktail” to your meal, there are many opportunities for you to get your vegetables and fruits in beverage form. Which would you choose? Will you be persuaded to give it a go? Do you have a favorite veggie-filled recipe to share?



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