Tahini: 2018 Superfood of the Year

Hummus is a great way to enjoy tahini with added fiber and protein-power.

Tahini, tahin, or tahina is a tasty sesame puree made from crushed sesame seeds. It is widely used in oriental dishes with one of the most well known being hummus. Hummus, which is made with a chickpea base in addition to tahini, is rich in protein and has a delicious taste. Tahini is also served with vegetables on the side as a condiment.

Tahini is becoming more and more popular as a food source that contains many natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed daily and some studies have shown it can play a role in preventing some diseases. Tahini is a food that offers many health benefits and we’ve listed a few here.

Rich in healthy fats and amino acids
Sеѕаmе seeds have a high level of оіl соntеntѕ – thаt’ѕ whу tаhіnі is еxсерtіоnаllу ѕmооth compared to nut buttеrѕ (like peanut butter or almond butter). Sesame seeds contain up to 55% oil and 20% protein, they are reputed to provide both healthy fats and essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Although it is a high-calorie food, a small amount of tahini has considerable benefits. It has a nutty flavor that is strongly manifest in recipes, plus tahini can be beneficial for your heart, skin and hormonal balance, even in small amounts. The majority of fats found in sesame seeds are polyunsaturated fats, the rest are monounsaturated and saturated fats. About 50% to 60% of the fat present in tahini is composed of two beneficial compounds: sesamine and sesamoline.

Provides excellent nutritional value
Tahini is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Although the fat content of sesame is high, 90% is “good” fats and the omega fatty acids are considered among the best. A tablespoon of tahini paste contains about 85 calories and 65 of these calories are essential fatty acids. This delicious paste is also rich in vitamin B1, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and copper. You get 1 gram of dietary fiber and 3 grams of protein with a tablespoon of tahini. With its wealth of vitamins and other essential nutrients, tahini is without a doubt a food that offers you great health benefits.

Makes the brain stronger
As mentioned earlier, tahini is packed with healthy omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids stimulate the development of nerve tissue in the body, which helps to improve brain health. Its also suggested these may help slow down the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Thought and memory are improved when omega-3 fatty acids are consumed. Manganese improves nerve and brain functions as well. In addition, phytosterols are a type of nutrient found in sesame seeds that have effects on hormonal levels, arterial health and cholesterol levels.

Source of essential vitamins and minerals
Tahini is a great way to get B vitamins like thiamine, as well as minerals such as magnesium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, iron and zinc. Addіng tаhіnі tо rесіреѕ іѕ a gооd wау tо gеt your сорреr оn a dаіlу bаѕіѕ – whісh is nесеѕѕаrу tо mаіntаіn hеаlthу nеrvе, bone and metabolic health – and prevent copper deficiency. Iron in tahini helps prevent anemia, which is a disorder characterized by low levels of red blood cells, iron deficiency and fatigue. In addition, B vitamins within tahini are important for metabolic functions, treating stress and many cognitive processes.

Provides antioxidants
One of the many important minerals you get from Tahini is copper. It is well known for its ability to relieve pain and reduce swelling. It has anti-inflammatory properties that are effective in treating the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. It also contributes to the enlargement of the airways in asthmatic patients. The enzymes in the immune system also take the help of copper to utilize their antioxidant properties. Sesame paste also has phytonutrients that prevent liver damage caused by oxidation.

Tahini should not be an exotic food that you eat from time to time. It is versitile and should be a part of your family’s diet. As it can be mixed with a wide variety of other foods, it is the perfect energy packed food to have in your kitchen. Enjoy this wonderful paste and let your health benefit all that it has to offer. If you have not made tahini a staple in your home, it’s time to do it now. Try adding it to your favorite recipes, using a small amount on your vegetables, or make your own dips (not just hummus). Send us your favorite tahini uses and recipes and we will include them in our recipe book.


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